Bill Gates's Secret Solar Startup Has Generated Extreme Heat with Mirrors

CNN Business reports that scientists working in “stealth mode” have announced a way to turn solar energy into extreme heat that could be used by industry and to make hydrogen fuel. Startup Heliogen, funded by Bill Gates, has built a solar plant where large mirror panels point the sunlight toward each other to harness and multiply heat, a phenomenon called concentrated solar power.

Yellow Lights Are Too Short, and One Man's Trying to Change That

When engineer Mats Järlström's wife got a red-light ticket in 2013, he examined the footage and fought the ticket in court based on his observation that the yellow light wasn't long enough. His city of Beaverton, Oregon, had a law on the books requiring a 3.5-second yellow light. Before Beaverton, cities like Dallas, Chattanooga, and Nashville had already been caught shortening yellow lights by 2008.
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