I love to illustrate my work, whether with ink drawings, photo illustration, pixel art, or sourced public domain art.

Novel Ties: The Wordy World of Fallen London

Novel Ties: The Wordy World of Fallen London If you were a certain kind of person in 2009, your life slowly, and then quickly, filled up with mentions of Fallen London. But that’s only the very beginning of Failbetter Games’ story. The game lived partly on Twitter, spawning quixotic out-of-context tweets that spread like the swirling parachutes of a ripe dandelion. Its lush, grim setting set the stage for all of founder Alexis Kennedy’s subsequent work, and the world of Fallen London continues

Digging Deep into Stardew Valley

On an episode of Waypoint Radio a few weeks ago, the hosts each gave their top 10 games of all time, and their lists were predictably super different. But they pointed out that time affects how we feel about our favorite games, and I’ve been thinking a lot about that point. You can never go back to being the child who pulled ExciteBike out of its envelope for the first time. That might make you feel sad for the loss of childhood joy or whatever, and sure, but it also means ExciteBike is in a mus