I've been lucky to get to interview some people I really admire and publish their remarks pretty much as-is.

MoaCube’s Upcoming “Weirdly Personal” Game

Tom Grochowiak is the “owner” and usual face of MoaCube, the makers of 2012’s Cinders and 2016’s Solstice. He responded to an essay I wrote, and I leveraged that into an opportunity to speak with him over Discord. Could you start by saying what you consider your role at MoaCube? It’s a collective but you’re the de facto leader, I think. Yeah, more or less. I started MoaCube with Gracjana (our artist), so legally speaking I’m the owner of the company. But mostly it’s just that I’m our game desi

From the “Vault” of Inkle’s Jon Ingold

From the “Vault” of Inkle’s Jon Ingold Cambridge’s inkle studios is the brainchild of Jon Ingold and Joseph (“Joe”) Humfrey, which began with an adaptation of Frankenstein in 2011 and has grown to include several other titles and several other employees. inkle’s game 80 Days, released for mobile in 2014 and PC/Mac in 2015, sends players around the world, ideally at record-breaking speed. In the meantime, inkle have also done a beautiful four-part adaptation of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery game book