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Together, We Can Avoid the ‘Great Filter’ That Ends Advanced Civilizations

• The “Great Filter” is a hypothetical disaster event that stops growing civilizations from reaching the stars and contacting other advanced civilizations. • A NASA scientist writes about the biggest risks to humanity—like climate change, pandemics, and artificial intelligence—in a new paper. • These are serious, frightening possibilities—but we can work together to prevent many of them. In , a scientist from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) brings together an eclectic team of researcher

Papers, Apples, Microphones, Chairs: Immortality’s Spatial Miscellany | Unwinnable

My favorite author, China Miéville, calls himself a “weird fiction” writer – a callback to the time before genre labels emerged, when anything “other” was simply weird. In games, there’s something even more satisfying about thinking about the idea of weirdness. Games can induce you to feel weird so viscerally. And this is where Sam Barlow’s game Immortality, which came out August 30 on Steam and Xbox GamePass, enters the discussion. In the game, you scrub forward and backward through footage, r
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